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Adoption Process & Policies

  • All adoptions start with the submission of an application.

  • Applications will be reviewed by our staff and once approved, will be forwarded to the foster family to review.

  • They will determine if it sounds like a potential fit based on your answers and their knowledge of their foster animals. If it sounds like your family could possibly be a great match for their animal, they will contact you to set up a meet & greet.

  • At the meet & greet, it's a great time to ask any questions you have regarding the animal including training, behavior, medical history, etc. Our fosters will answer truthfully and give you as much information as possible. It's our goal during the meet & greet to be 100% honest about the animal so you know if they're the right animal to join your family! After the meet & greet, think it over and talk with any other potential family members who will be living with / caring for the animal.

  • If you decide this animal is a great match, and the foster family feels the same way, we will set up a home visit and continue with the process. If either you or the foster family has any hesitations or questions, we can address those as needed. Don't feel obligated to move forward with the adoption if something doesn't feel right - we'd prefer to find the RIGHT animal for you!

  • At the home visit, we will have a volunteer come to your house and, if needed, help prepare your home and family for your new addition. We will help puppy proof, cat proof, be prepared for potty or crate training issues, walk through your yard to ensure the animal can be contained properly, etc. We'll help you think through best places for them to be crated, to sleep at night, to eat meals, and more. It's a great time to ask any other questions you may have as well. We're looking to ensure your first few days with your new animal go as smooth as possible, and also to ensure the safety of our animals. 

  • After the home visit is approved, we will need you to sign the adoption contract. You'll agree to keep the animal vetted, safe, and loved. It also states that for whatever reason you cannot keep the animal at any point in its life, that you'll return them to Corner of Kindness Animal Rescue. Once signed, your adoption fee is non-refundable.

  • Once the contract is signed, please submit payment via Paypal, cash or check. All check payments must be cleared prior to completing the adoption.

  • After we have payment & your contract, and have confirmed vetting is complete, you're free to pick up your animal.


  • Do you have to live in a specific area to adopt from Corner of Kindness?

    • No, we are located in the West Metro area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our foster families are all over the greater Metro area, and adoptions can occur if you live in Minnesota or if all household family members, including resident dogs, can travel to Minnesota to meet the animal in person. We will try our best to accommodate your application, but since home visits are a requirement of our adoption process, we would need to conduct your home visit virtually via Skype or FaceTime otherwise we may need to terminate your application. We will try our hardest, however, and make every effort!

  • Why do you need my vet information?

    • Assuming you have other animals, we contact your vet to ensure your pets are up-to-date on shots and are spayed/neutered. We do this for the safety of our animals and to ensure they'll be properly cared for in the future as well.

We do our very best to place our animals in the best forever homes possible. To do this, we have created a specific adoption process which will be followed, including asking quite a few questions and checking references. We know our foster animals deserve the very best life possible, and have created the below with them in mind. Please see our policies below, and know we do this all for the love of animals. 


  • Renters: We do require landlord approval for adding a pet to your family if you rent. We will not pay for any fees incurred by having an animal in your residence, and need to ensure stability for our animals.

  • Pit Bulls / Bully Breeds: Corner of Kindness is an all-breed rescue and will have bully breeds frequently. Adopters of pit bulls or other bully breeds should be well-educated on the breed, or be willing to research. Please check all local ordinances before applying for a pit bull or pit bull mix. Make sure you have a home owners insurance policy that covers pit bulls.

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