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Corner of Kindness Inc. was launched out of St. Bonifacius MN in May 2014 with a vision of helping animals in need. We were dedicated to helping dogs find permanent homes but after having 800 animals come through our adoption program and additional animals through our TNR program, a program where we bring community or feral cats to be spayed/neutered and re-released, the shelters were just as full and we knew we needed to get ahead of the pet overpopulation problem.   In 2018 we added a focus on Public Education and Assistance which a short year later was so wildly successful that in June of 2019 it became our primary focus. 

Through our southern Resource Offices, which offer Pet Food Shelves, Public Education Programs and Spay-Neuter Assistance Funds, we help keep pets with their families and out of overcrowded rescues and shelters.

We are an official MN 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


Corner of Kindness' official mailing address is: 

PO BOX 25   

St Bonifacius MN 55375

We distribute supplies from Eagan, MN, and Charleston, SC. 


Corner of Kindness can not legally take in stray animals. Please contact your local animal control regarding stray animals.


Corner of Kindness 

This video features one of our many cases; an Australian Shepherd named "Wally the Wolf" who has a congenital defect that has caused him to have severely limited vision, lessened hearing, and a slower pace at which he can learn compared to average dogs. In addition, he had mange when he first came to rescue and has many digestive issues that are carefully monitored and managed so he can continue living his happy lifestyle! 


Wally has been adopted. His story is meant to inspire everyone to help those in need and to spread the word of what animal rescues do and why they are so important; so more dogs just like Wally can be rescued and adopted into the loving families they so deserve. 


Please share our storyvisit our store, donate to our cause, and remember to adopt, not shop! You can also shop your favorite stores here

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